Everything you need to crush the high-stakes, even the bankroll.

In 2023, I teamed up with two other high-stakes players to create OVERNIGHT MONSTER coaching-for-profit and staking, a brand-new staking company with industry-leading tactics, data, and solver-based insights.

Over the years, many of my students have climbed from $25NL to $5/10 and beyond, winning millions of dollars at the cash tables and final tabling WSOP, Stars, and Triton events. In recent months, our team has figured out extra "sauce" to make my winning system more reproducible and easy-to-apply.

In fact, we're so confident in our system that we're willing to bankroll you ourselves, all the way to the high-stakes!

Employing a mixture of custom solves, GTOwizard, and mass-data from millions of hands collected over years of play, we focus on playing a maximally exploitative strategy that has a lot of built-in resilience by using GTO baseline strategies, many of which I've taught in my online courses!

In addition to access to our playbook, you also get access to our exclusive CFP video library, which launched with over 14 hours of video of razor-sharp GTO theory to make sure you have astoningly sound fundamental skills to pair with your exploitative mastery.

Application is below!

Contracts start at 500k hands for new players and 300k for veterans to our program. Can't wait to crush with you!
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Coaching-for-Profits and Staking

  • Step-by-Step Playbook

    We break down 95% of common situations into easy-to-follow flowcharts that combine GTO strategies and Mass Database Analysis to produce insanely +EV, reproducible plays.

  • Private Video Library

    Over 12 hours of masterclass videos, regularly uploaded CFP group lessons, a private Discord, one-on-one coaching, AND free access to both Overnight Monster and Bluff Barbarian.

  • Staking from $25NL to $2kNL

    Our industry-leading contract terms offers amazing opportunities for staking new and veteran players at a variety of stakes. Don't have the bankroll? No problem at all.