Leakbuster and Hand Review


It can be hard to get honest feedback.

In a leakbuster and hand review, I'll give you just that. I'll look at your general approach. examine specific hands and stats, and give you feedback on what you need to improve as a player and student of the game. Many of my long-term students have gone on to become crushers at high-stakes live and online, with students making final tables at WPTs, WSOPs, and Triton High Roller events.

As of 2022, I play a mix of mid- and high-stakes online and live up to $10/25.

A note on coaching: in the end, approximately 10% of players are profitable in poker, and a much smaller percentage are consistent winners at the high-stakes.

To go down the road of a serious poker player--either as a talented amateur or a burgeoning professional--means to dedicate yourself to a game where you best 99% of your opposition to turn a profit. That means you need to be in the top 1% of hard work, top 1% of love of the game, top 1% burning curiosity, and top 1% emotional grit.

Over years of coaching, I've helped dozens of players make it to the high stakes, but seen many more crash and fail, not realizing how much work it is to reach and maintain that 1% drive.

But if you're ready to take the dive toward becoming great, press the button below and we'll get started. If you have other questions, e-mail me at alvinteachespoker@gmail.com.
PayPal $250 Leakbuster

This is an investment in you.

As your coach, I'll be stoic and passionate for your success, while always giving you firm, honest guidance about your progress. You will not be alone in your climb up the poker stakes, and I'll happily guide safely you through common traps and pitfalls waiting for you along your journey.

Sessions are conducted over Zoom or Skype. You will need a stable internet connection, an external microphone, and headphones. I have spent years working as both a student and coach in this virtual space, and I am happy to coach you wherever you are in the world.