Clarity and Goals Session

$125/30 minutes

It can be hard to get honest feedback.

In a clarity and goals session, I'll give you just that. I'll listen to your story, look at some of your hands and stats, and determine if I'm the right fit to guide you toward professional-level cash game mastery. This isn't a hard sell, just a friendly opportunity to talk about poker and see if you're on the right path toward success.

After payment, expect an e-mail from me within a day to setup our first conversation!
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If things feel right ...

Theory and Practice Coaching


If things feel right, or if you want to jump right into the meat of coaching, snag a Theory and Practice session and we'll dig in. We'll alternate between discussion of GTO and exploitative strategies to help you break through your current limit and develop a more complete, well-rounded poker style.
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If Things Feel Really Right...

Full Development Coaching Package

$2200 / 8 Hours

Two months, eight 60-minute sessions, and unlimited email support. (That's $275 per hour!)

The thing is ... poker isn't just about theory and technique. It's about mindset, self-control, bravery ... and knowing when to throw all of those to the wind when you smell blood. In the Full Development Coaching Package we explore every facet of professional poker play, from theory, to live sweats, to private discussion with my highest level students, and even advanced scouting for juicy clubs and games. Nearly half of my long-term, private students eventually graduate to play $500NL online and above, and many move on to play $1000NL online or higher and enjoy professional high stakes careers.
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This is an investment in you.

As your coach, I'll be stoic and passionate for your success, while always giving you firm, honest guidance about your progress. You will not be alone in your climb up the poker stakes, and I'll happily guide safely you through common traps and pitfalls waiting for you along your journey.

Sessions are conducted over Zoom or Skype. You will need a stable internet connection, an external microphone, and headphones. I have spent years working as both a student and coach in this virtual space, and I am happy to coach you wherever you are in the world.