What is Overnight Monster?

  • A World-Class Fundamentals Course

    Learn a reproducible and dazzlingly-effective system to crush low- and mid-stakes games, with nearly ten hours of practical, usable lessons.

  • A Closed, In-Depth Study Group

    Join a private study group of over 140 students and get advice from the lead instructor, full-time professional players, and long-time Overnight Monster wizards.

  • Freshly Updated, Relevant Theory

    With over TWELVE new videos since March 2020, including never-before-published, solver-approved strategies that boggle even veteran players and coaches.

Why This System

After taking a hiatus from professional poker to trade futures, a high-stakes player told me about "poker solvers," powerful analysis tools that revealed Game Theory Optimal (GTO) solutions for any human-defined situation in poker.

"It's unbelievable," he said. "The best players in the world crush using simplifications they've learned from PIOsolver." That was the first time I heard of the legendary Otb_RedBaron, or the idea of using GTO to simplify my game, rather than complicate it.

So I bought PIOsolver. After hours of study a day, I discovered simplification after simplification that not only captured 98-99.5% of the EV of GTO's most complex strategies, but could be easily replicated at the table without photographic memorization. Armed with these simplifications (and some coaching from my friend), I climbed from $50NL to $1000NL online in a matter of months.

Since then, I've taught dozens of players my system, and many of them have gone from breakeven micro-stakes players to the biggest winners in their casino, both live and online. Since opening Overnight Monster in March 2019, at least seven of my students have moved up to limits as high as $10/20 live and online.

If you're serious about your game, if you want to crush everyone at the casino astonishingly quickly, if you're ready to learn the secrets of high-stakes professionals, then this course was made for you. Don't settle on being a winner. Become a monster.

-AlvinTeachesPoker plays between $10/20 and $50/100 online. His poker content features in BLUFF MagazinePoker Player UKPokerNews, and the training site Cardrunners.

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