Why Overnight Monster?

  • Crush Weak Games Overnight

    DOMINATE less studied opponents regardless of stakes. If they don't know the math, they can't possibly defend against your GTO magicks.

  • Simple Strategies, Max EV

    SIMPLIFY complex positions into easy-to-memorize, instantly recognizable guidelines that let you conquer even novel situations easily.

  • Impervious Blind Defense

    DEFEND the Big Blind with the same GTO charts that high-stakes pros use against professional opponents. No more guessing what's +EV!

  • Live and Online Play

    EXECUTE a cutting-edge strategy designed for $25-400NL online and $1/2-5/10 live, taught in memorable lessons and plain language.

  • Private Facebook Group

    DISCUSS the system in a private Facebook group with the lead instructor and OVER 100 other students and graduates.

What People are Saying:

“Plain and simple: people are going to be pissed that so much information is being given away for so little. The information in this course is brutally effective, easy to deploy, and almost impossible for even veteran players to counter.

-Corwin "[vital]Myth" Cole
Final tables at WSOP and WPT”

“Ironically, studying solver simplifications now makes me think of ranges and textures with more depth and accuracy than ever before.

-Jason Burge
$2/5 to shots at $10/20 in months”

“Alvin was an instrumental coach in my growth from a losing small-stakes player to a winning high-stakes regular. After working with him, I won the Sunday Million on Pokerstars!

52823824 on PokerStars
$10/20+ online regular”

“Confidently crushing $1k and $2k buy-in live games with these shockingly easy-to-apply strategies. I’m at the point where the bottleneck isn’t my skill, it’s just if games are running.

Ishaan Agrawal
-Blind Rubik's Cube World Champion”

“May 21 2019, from the Overnight Monster Facebook Study Group

Paul Terry
-Overnight Monster Student”

“Overnight Monster is a work of art I praise with an ambivalent pen - I’d rather my potential competition not discover the beast under the bed. It is detailed, precise, and masterfully displays elegant SIMPLICITY ... at some point Alvin will realize he should charge much more than the current price.

Fernando Ortiz
Former S4Y and RCP Student”

Why This Course

After taking a hiatus from professional poker to trade futures, a high-stakes player told me about "poker solvers," powerful analysis tools that revealed Game Theory Optimal (GTO) solutions for any human-defined situation in poker.

"It's unbelievable," he said. "The best players in the world crush using simplifications they've learned from PIOsolver." That was the first time I heard of the legendary Otb_RedBaron, or the idea of using GTO to simplify my game, rather than complicate it.

So I bought PIOsolver. After hours of study a day, I discovered simplification after simplification that not only captured 98-99.5% of the EV of GTO's most complex strategies, but could be easily replicated at the table without photographic memorization. Armed with these simplifications (and some coaching from my friend), I climbed from $50NL to $1000NL online in a matter of months.

It felt almost too easy

I posted in forums online, eager to share my discoveries, and I was met with complete disbelief. Not only did the forum members of RedChipPoker mistake me for a fish, but even one of the site's founders berated my simplification approach.

This made me incredibly excited!!! It was clear that the incredible power of simplification still had not trickled down to live games, and that even professional players could barely recognize even basic GTO-backed sizing tactics.

I took on a few struggling students from RedChipPoker, Solve4Why Academy, and CrushLivePoker to see how easily they could replicate my style. I could barely believe the results.

Before working with me, Jason was still struggling with putting together a holistic, "big picture" strategy. Less than six months after simplification training, he's one of the biggest winners in Detroit and takes shots at $10/20 when it runs.

Phil E. from Red Chip Poker was crushing $2/5 charity games for 13bb/hr, but after learning simplifications his win-rate climbed to an astonishing 19bb/hr. 

Dalton M. went from a breakeven 5NL regular to beating $50NL and crushing his $1/2NL game for over 20bb/hr for months! 

After seeing these results, I was determined to create a course to share these simplifications with struggling poker players everywhere. So Overnight Monster was born.

This course is designed to simplify your game to a few critical decision points with GTO strategies that are both verified by solvers and proven in live and online play at the lowest and highest limits of the game. 

Even if you are a studied poker veteran, 85-90% of the information in this course will be completely new to you. It was new to me, even after years of playing and teaching poker professionally! 

If you're serious about your game, if you want to crush everyone at the casino astonishingly quickly, if you're ready to learn the secrets of high-stakes professionals, then this course was made for you. Come on. Become a monster.

-AlvinTeachesPoker is a high-stakes poker player and cash game GTO specialist. His poker content features in BLUFF Magazine, Poker Player UK, PokerNews, and the training site Cardrunners.

This Course is Designed For:

  • $1/2 online and $2/5 live players with no GTO experience who want to learn the modern approach of elite players.

  • Players who think "GTO doesn't beat the small stakes" with little to no understanding of GTO.

  • Serious players who want to make $40-60k/year part-time or $80-100k/year full-time with far less study.

  • Graduates of other poker courses and programs who have not seen immediate gains.

  • Players who want to coach themselves with solvers long after the course is completed.

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jean ward

“I've been playing poker for a 15 years pretty seriously. This course is by far the best money I've ever spent since i started. Looking forward to diving deeper into PIO”

“I've been playing poker for a 15 years pretty seriously. This course is by far the best money I've ever spent since i started. Looking forward to diving deeper into PIO”

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Pablo Garcia Marti