What's up you degens, Wolfgang here!

A few years ago, I realized that if I wanted to keep moving up the stakes, I needed serious improvements. I wanted to move up from $1/3 and $2/3 games at the Bike to bigger games, so I reached out to Alvin, a high-stakes online pro with 10+ years of experience, to coach me. 

After a few sessions, I learned a ton of new skills and could feel the growth in my game. Hopefully, many of you can see that growth in my vlogs as I move up to bigger and bigger games.

I want to share that growth with all of you guys as well! 

When I was starting off in poker, I understood the value that purchasing a course could offer, but I didn’t have the luxury of spending $1000 on one. For all of you, I wanted to create a crash course that could rapidly accelerate your learning without breaking the bank.

After analyzing my poker vlogs, Alvin created this mini-Bootcamp to break down my major leaks as quickly as possible. He found ten major flaws in my game and told me exactly how to fix them ... and we recorded the whole thing!

In this Bootcamp, you're going to get a bunch of Alvin's tricks that will immediately improve your winrate, packaged in fun lessons told in plain English. 

We're just two poker buddies chatting about cards! 

We also do a Q+A answering some questions you guys submitted to my Instagram, as well as a review of some of my most recent vlog hands.

That's over four hours of behind-the-scenes coaching for only $50!!!

No complex charts, no difficult math, just really solid strategies that Alvin's high-stakes students have used to crush both live and online poker! 

Honestly, I can’t believe Alvin agreed to do this course for so cheap. I hope that you guys use this to immediately improve your game and crush in 2023!

Videos release on Christmas Day. BANG!!!


This course is dedicated to those of you that have followed my journey on YouTube for the past 4 years, from playing $1/2 at Chumash Casino in Santa Barbara, to moving up $2/3 with Mariano at the Bike while living in Los Angeles, to playing $10/20/40 livestreams at the Hustler. Thank you so much for following my path, please enjoy a little of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into being a poker player and vlogger. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Bootcamp, Day 1 + 2

    • A Welcome from Wolfgang

    • Why good players' graphs HIT DIFFERENT (where the money comes from in poker)

    • The Biggest Leap in Wolfgang's Preflop Play

    • 3-Betting Using The 40% Rule

    • So What are You Going to Do With AQo, Wolfgang?

    • Wolfgang, BE EXTRA GREEDY!

    • Just bet really small. What are they going to do about it?

    • Fixing Wolfgang's Biggest Turn Leak(s)

    • They cold-called in position. Now what?

  • 2

    Instagram Q+A's

    • Silly Questions, Serious Answers

  • 3

    Vlog Reviews

    • Dropping By the Jack

    • Iowa City $2/5 Meetup