My students have made millions of dollars playing No-Limit Hold'em. Let me teach you how.

Since creating "Overnight Monster," I've been lucky enough to help train dozens of students to the promised land:

M. Bucher won the PokerStars Sunday Million for $250k+, C. Cole made numerous WSOP final tables, W. Heung won $1.8M in a $100k Triton Super High Roller, and dozens of my students have become winning regulars at $2/5-5/10 online and high-stakes live.

When Wolfgang Poker began training with me, he was playing $2/3 live ... now he regularly plays $25/50 and $50/100 on high-stakes streams!

Want to learn the fine points of GTO and solver? It's what I love the most. Want to dive into exploits? Let's explore a database of 10+ million hands from multiple stakes and sites to figure out where villains are leaking. Want to crush live? There are so many live tells to attack that you'll fall over laughing once you hear them.

My rates:
$1000 for four hours.
$2000 for 10 hours.

I STEEPLY discount coaching to encourage people to come to me to create long-term game-plans and strategies, not just get a quick tune-up: short-term students simply don't make substantial gains and often they develop bad habits.

Good luck! Let's crush together in 2024.
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