Why This Course

After taking a hiatus from professional poker to trade futures, a high-stakes player told me about "poker solvers," powerful analysis tools that revealed Game Theory Optimal (GTO) solutions for any human-defined situation in poker.

"It's unbelievable," he said. "The best players in the world crush using simplifications they've learned from PIOsolver." That was the first time I heard of the legendary Otb_RedBaron, or the idea of using GTO to simplify my game, rather than complicate it.

So I bought PIOsolver. After hours of study a day, I discovered simplification after simplification that not only captured 98-99.5% of the EV of GTO's most complex strategies, but could be easily replicated at the table without photographic memorization. Armed with these simplifications (and some coaching from my friend), I climbed from $50NL to $1000NL online in a matter of months.

Since then, I've taught dozens of players my system, and many of them have gone from breakeven micro-stakes players to the biggest winners in their casino, both live and online. My own game flourished as well: I moved almost seemlessly from $5/10 to $50/100 over the years. Since opening Overnight Monster in March 2019, at least twelve of my students have moved up to limits as high as $10/20 live and online, and at least four play even higher than that. 

If you're serious about your game, if you want to crush everyone at the casino astonishingly quickly, if you want to know what all the online prodigies are studying, if you're ready to learn the secrets of high-stakes professionals wrapped easily applied lessons, then this course was made for you. Don't settle on being a winner. Become a fucking monster.

-Alvin Lau regularly plays between $10/20 and $50/100 online. His poker content features in BLUFF MagazinePoker Player UKthe training site Cardrunners, and his YouTube channel AlvinTeachesPoker.

What is Overnight Monster?

  • A World-Class Fundamentals Course

    Learn a reproducible and dazzlingly-effective system to crush low- and mid-stakes games, with over ten hours of zero fluff, practical lessons plus HOURS of bonus footage in the Facebook study group.

  • Freshly Updated, Relevant GTO Theory

    With newest material updated as recently as February 2023, including never-before-published, solver-approved strategies that boggle even veteran players and Game Theory Optimal practitioners.

  • Staking Opportunities

    Graduates of Overnight Monster have priority consideration for our coaching-for-profits and staking group, which accelerates your growth to the high-stakes at no financial risk to you!

What's Included with the Course

  • TEN+ hours of clear, memorable lessons that will IMMEDIATELY boost to your winrate

  • MAJOR conclusions from 1,000's of hours of GTO analysis clearly demonstrated in a solver

  • PIOsolver GTO Pre-Flop ranges so you can analyze in PIOsolver like a PRO

  • EASY Preflop Rangeviewer that gives you pre-flop ranges instantly as you play

  • BONUS Play-and-Explain Videos and Analysis of Pluribus and LLinusLove

Elite Poker Training at and Unheard of Price

If you've ever wondered how GTO poker prints money against weaker players, this is your ultimate guide.

Become a Monster

What Monsters Are Saying

Here's what students think of the secret sauce so far!

Overnight Monster -- An in-depth review

Dalton McMullen

A little about myself first, as I always find when reading reviews, it helps to know the situation that the reviewer was in prior/currently when taking an ex...

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A little about myself first, as I always find when reading reviews, it helps to know the situation that the reviewer was in prior/currently when taking an extensive course like this. I have played poker for around three years now, making my first deposit to an online poker site (as a complete rec) around the middle of 2017. As goes the story with most new players, I quickly dusted off my deposits and found myself at stakes that I shouldn't be playing at (the infamous 'well, I play 1/2 live, so I can just play 1/2 online and be fine!' [pro-tip -- don't do that]) After dusting off thousands of dollars, I quickly started to notice that the same players kept beating me over and over. Since I still loved playing the game even though I was losing quite badly, I started looking up courses and materials that could help me play better and start winning. I came across a few, ones that probably everyone who is considering buying this course has come across: Red Chip poker, Upswing, Run it Once, books on Amazon, and Crush live poker, etc. I have gone through the following courses/material: - Red chip poker products, including core and many of their books (Optimizing AK etc.) - Upswing lab, all models + elite cash game mastery - Run it once elite subscription, along with from the ground up series - 6-7 different books on poker from authors such as Ed Miller, Peter Clarke, etc - Crush live poker subscription (very briefly, was not impressed with the content and discontinued after just one month) After trying all of these, I got better grasps of (at least what I thought) it looked like to be a better player and started losing less, but still not winning. Fast forward about 1-year of going through all that, and I was finally beating 1/2 live at my local casino for small hourly ($20/hr) and still trying to 'shot take' 50NL, etc. with no success online. I made a post on the red chip poker forums about why min-raising is terrible and why I shouldn't do it as all the poker books told me not to (I know I know...), and that's when I first started reading some of Alvin's thoughts on poker and having a more holistic view of the game. I got to thinking and decided that "damn, I just love poker too not to try and get as good as I can as a player, so maybe I should give this whole holistic game plan a try instead of just trying to beat up on horrible players only." So, I took up Alvin's offer and purchased coaching from him and was going to be one of the first members of the overnight monster study group. I started implementing Alvin's game plan and immediately saw pretty drastic improvements. The great thing about this course is that even within a day of going through the material, you will take away a bunch of theoretical knowledge that would typically take weeks and weeks of studying 8 hours per day to come up with even small chunks of (And honestly, without the insight/help from a high level winning player, you may never even come to these conclusions). This is HUGE, especially when your fundaments are so wrong that your entire poker game could be re-vamped (like mine was) The course starts with introducing the overnight monster style, some GTO basics using toy-games as examples, and pre-flop fundaments. Afterward, it continues to more advanced topics such as C-Betting in position, C-Betting out of position, playing the turn, C-Betting as PFR in 3bet/4bet pots, flatting and playing defense against 3bet/4bettors, multiway pots, and river play/exploits. If you take the time to watch each-and-every one of these videos, you will have very few questions left about every part of the game tree, and you will understand poker at a much higher level than your typical 'studied regs' Couple that with great examples of how to study poker and a solver, and there won't be any questions you won't be able to answer for yourself as well. It feels REALLY good when you run into a weird spot, plug the situation into PIO solver/do some node locking, and browse through the game tree and come across so many gems of knowledge that most of your opponents just simply aren't going to find. To me, being able to do that was priceless and gave me an indescribable level of confidence in my game. These days, I am mainly playing (and probably more importantly, beating) 1/2, 2/5, 5/10, and 10/20 games both live and online across global poker, ignition casino, public casinos, private home games, and private app games (Note, however; I do not usually play 5/10 & 10/20 online unless the lineup is really great). If you're serious about improving your poker game, this is the only course that's going to give you the skills necessary to not only start implementing a winning strategy to your game, but also give you the tools necessary to get as good as you want to. In conclusion, I would give this course the highest rating out of any course I have purchased (10/10), and highly recommend anyone looking to take their game to the next level to buy it. Sidenote: I have known Alvin now for a little over two years. I have received private coaching from him and also had the opportunity of watching him play some of the highest stakes I have ever seen (50/100usd & 60/120usd, etc.). He is an insanely talented poker player and extremely capable of demonstrating the knowledge he's found and presenting it in a digestible way to others. If you don't own this course in 2020, you WILL be left behind as poker continues to get more and more difficult, both live and online.

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The best way to learn Poker

Alec Horrigan

I purchased overnight monster as a break even 25NL player and in under a year I have moved up to playing (and winning) in some of the highest stakes availabl...

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I purchased overnight monster as a break even 25NL player and in under a year I have moved up to playing (and winning) in some of the highest stakes available to me as an american online player. What makes overnight monster superior to other training programs is simplification method that Alvin teaches in this course. Poker is a vastly complicated game with so many different avenues to go down when building a strategy but Alvin shows you from step one how to approach each spot and profit from your opponents mistakes. Each concept shown in this course is backed by a PIO solver proof which for me was very reassuring that the strategy was crushing. Alvin also does a good job of showing you how to level up your game threw your own studies which is an invaluable skill to have. This course is easily the best value for the information and has forever changed the way I see and play poker.

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Easy to implement

Patrick Nguyen

I was hesitant to write this review because I didn't want this knowledge to get out but I am because the value I've got from the program easily out weights $...

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I was hesitant to write this review because I didn't want this knowledge to get out but I am because the value I've got from the program easily out weights $599. I've been playing poker for over 8 years and haven't learned this much so quickly. OM approach to poker is amazing. It's a simple way to approach poker while developing a complex game that makes money. Now I hope that your lazy, think $599 is too expensive or you question Alvin’s method to never take any action........ You know what you're doing, you don't need this.

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Best Course Ever

jean ward

I've been playing poker for a 15 years pretty seriously. This course is by far the best money I've ever spent since i started. Looking forward to diving deep...

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I've been playing poker for a 15 years pretty seriously. This course is by far the best money I've ever spent since i started. Looking forward to diving deeper into PIO

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Amazing value for the investment


This course is THE BEST explanation, so far, of all the questions about NLHM that I could not find in other paid/free sites/trainings. Instructor has what I ...

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This course is THE BEST explanation, so far, of all the questions about NLHM that I could not find in other paid/free sites/trainings. Instructor has what I call "Beautiful Mind" when it comes to Poker. only couple of days since I registered and I am already on my second round of watching the course videos from beginning to end and trying digest as much information that I can. I am sure I will be watching this many more times. The ideas and methods the instructor has developed is brilliant and it "JUST MAKES SENSE". While easy to follow and understand, this course is GTO-focused and has theoretical rigor. However, its relentless examples and solutions using pioSolver makes it very understandable and easy to follow specially if u have access to pioSolver. Last but not least, if the student has has technical / scientific background of any sort, he/she will find instructor's way of teaching this game quite methodical and solid while very understandable for any audience.

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What Students Are Saying...

52823824 on PokerStars

$25/50+ online regular

Alvin was an instrumental coach in my growth from a losing small-stakes player to a winning high-stakes regular. After working with him, I won the Sunday Million on Pokerstars!

Paul Terry

Overnight Monster Student

From 2016 until 2019 I have joined every training site [...] I have also purchased every course the claims to teach No Limit cash strategy [...] Without a doubt I can say your course is number one.

Corwin "[vital]Myth" Cole

WPT, WSOP, and Stars Sunday Million Final Tables

People are going to be pissed that so much information is being given away for so little. The information in this course is brutally effective, easy to deploy, and almost impossible for even veteran players to counter.

Ishaan Agrawal

Blind Rubik's Cube World Champion

Confidently crushing $1k and $2k buy-in live games with these shockingly easy-to-apply strategies. I’m at the point where the bottleneck isn’t my skill, it’s just if games are running.

What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Introduction to the Course and GTO Basics

  • 2

    Raising, 3-Betting, and Flatting Multi-Way

    • Be Deeply Sensitive to the Rake

    • Raising First In: Sizings, Frequencies, Adjustments against Recreationals

    • 3-Betting Guidelines, Exemptions for Flatting, Family Pots Ranges

    • Facing 3-Bets and Squeezes

    • Facing 4-Bets: Jams and Traps

  • 3

    Pre-Flop Blind Defense

    • Defending the Big Blind, looking at GTO

  • 4

    C-Betting IP SRP, C-Betting Strategies

    • Theory of Bet Sizing

    • Theory of Blockers and Board Coverage

    • Distributing Bluffs Across the Game Tree

    • Distributing Value Hands Across the Game Tree

    • Baseline Flop Continuation Bet Strategies and Sizings

    • Facing Flop Check-Raises

  • 5

    C-Betting IP SRP, Turn Lines

    • Turn Barreling in Position

    • After the Turn Checks Back

    • Turn Barrels In Position PIO Examples

  • 6

    C-Betting IP SRP, River Lines

    • River Triple Barrels: Optimal Bet Sizing and Bluff Combos

    • Binary River Adjustments (THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON?!?)

    • General Adjustments Against Recreational Players

    • Continuation Betting in Position Versus Recreation Players

  • 7

    SRP IP Examples

    • Important Examples: BU v BB SRP, AcKd6c

    • Important Examples: BU v BB SRP, Ac9c2s

    • Important Examples: BU v SRP, K85r and T52ss

  • 8

    C-Betting SPR OOP

    • Single-Raised Pots Versus IP Cold Caller

    • Donking the Turn After X/C Flop as Preflop Raiser

    • Betting and X/Ring the River after Turns Checks Through

    • Small Blind versus Big Blind C-Betting Strategies and Simplifications

  • 9

    3-Bet Pots

    • Depolarized Flop then Barreling Off In Position

    • The Nine Ranges When Out of Position

    • How to C-Bet in 4Bet Pots OOP

    • Defending 3Bets OOP: CO v BU

  • 10

    Defending the Big Blind

    • Facing a Flop Bet: Narrowing Your Range

  • 11

    Multiway Pots

    • Four Major Situations

  • 12

    Review Material

    • Eddie's Triple Barrels from the Pluribus Experiment, Part One

    • Eddie's Triple Barrels from the Pluribus Experiment, Part Two

    • Profiling $25-50z Players, Part I

    • Profiling $25-50z Player, Part II

    • 4-Tabling $25-50z Play & Explain

    • Crushing Small Stakes Hand Review

Frequently Asked ...

  • Who in this course designed for?

    Overnight Monster is perfect for online players up to $1/2, live players up to $5/10, and any player who wants to expand their game with the latest techniques used by online crushers. Even veteran players unfamiliar with solvers will find 90% of this information to be completely new!

    This isn't a dated course full of out-of-date techniques, this is a living document that has had four major updates in four years, with new videos and strategies being uploaded as recently as November 2022!

  • Is Overnight Monster for Live or Online play?

    BOTH! This system preys on players who don't have a detailed understanding of Game Theory Optimal play, and all of the strategies will auto-profit regardless of format. Live or Online, 6-max and 9-handed, the simplification heuristics put incredible pressure on your opponents for very little effort on your own. My students play as high as $10/20 online, and $25/50/100 live!

  • Do I need PIOsolver or GTO+ to understand this system?

    Though you don't need a solver to understand and reap the large benefits of this course, every serious player eventually buys a GTO solver, and having one from the beginning will greatly amplify your progress!

    I also recommend GTOWizard, a pre-made solution database available in your browser. Gtowizard.com/p/alvin gets you 10% off!

10,000+ of hours of solves, summarized in easy-to-understand, memorable lessons from an online and live crusher.

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