Why The Bluff Barbarian

  • Scientifically Breakdown Leaks

    Learn the dozen shockingly common formations where you can AUTOMATICALLY profit with bluffs, backed with millions of hands of data. Know exactly when to bet and how much with CONFIDENCE.

  • Exploitative Pre-Flop Charts

    How does a solver play against a loose, tricky limper? What about tight 3-bettors? Predictable 4-bettors? Don't guess: use exact solves to maximize pressure on weakness and dodge bullets against strength.

  • Range Composition Analysis

    When someone bets huge on the turn, how often will they barrel the river? What do flop overbets mean? What are players donk betting? Use hard data to categorize your opponents faster and attack when they're weak.

First I Taught You Simplicity, Now I Teach You Savagery

GTO + Mass Data = The Holy Grail of Poker

Two years ago, I created Overnight Monster to teach GTO simplification techniques and reveal how profitable and easy No-Limit Hold'Em can be using simple, solver-friendly techniques. Since then, I've moved from $5/10 to $50/100 games and above, and dozens of Overnight Monster students have moved up multiple stakes. 

Now in the highly anticipated follow-up course, I take you through my database of millions of hands between $50-500NL online, filtered through H2Note, the premier HUD and database app for professional poker players. I breakdown where players fold too much, call too much, and play too straightforwardly -- in single-raised, 3-bet, and 4-bet pots -- and show you where you can run relentless bluffs that melt non-elite opponents (aka everybodyyyyyy).

These leaks are the same across all cardrooms: the same mistakes exist across nearly the entire poker population, and are not specific to one cardroom or stake, nor specific to live or online! Once you learn this material, unstudied opponents will fall apart against your constant and

In addition to a detailed post-flop gameplan, I'll give you my H2Note HUD and filters, pre-flop solves made with SimpleGTO to show you how to counter predictable pre-flop play, and show you rarely discussed GTO lines that take your opponent into unexplored territory ... where your opponent will then be ambushed by your superior theory. Do you know how to play against a 1/10th pit-sized donk bet on the turn, then an overbet on the river?

No? Then neither will your opponents! 

A Curriculum Made for Barbarians

(Videos release March 1st)

  • 1

    Welcome to Bluff Barbarian!

    • Alpha, Minimum Defense, and Basic Math

    • My Custom H2Note Pop-Up and Filters (12/21/22)

    • Macro Concepts: Gates, Player Profiling, & Your Past Life

  • 2

    Relentless Attacking In Position

    • The Barreling Gate & Defining "The Forest"

    • The Gate of River Pressure

    • Bet, Check, ATTACK!

    • The Gates of Delayed Death

    • GTO Proof: How PIOSolver Gets Thin Value from Folders

    • RFI v BB: Adjustments versus Suspicious & Fishy Players

  • 3

    The Big Blind Strikes Back

    • The Gate of Thoughtful Cowardice

    • Bet, Check, ATTACK! (Big Blind Edition)

    • When to Trap, When to Check-Raise

  • 4

    After a Call In Position

    • Gates versus In Position Callers

    • SB v BB -- Repeating Gates & Revisiting Eagle Eye Concepts

    • Flat and Barrel

    • Bring in the Crushers: Profiling in Practice

  • 5

    3-Bet Pots, Bluffed

    • Gate-Checking 3-Bet Pots

    • PIOsolver Gems: The Jack and Ten Shove

    • PIOsolver Gems: The Crown Trick

  • 6

    The Limper, the Nit, and the Giant Whale

    • So You've Been Limped On

    • 3-Betting Extra Extra

    • Adjustments to Weak 3-Bettors

  • 7

    Putting Ideas Together

    • Holdem Manager 3 Stats + Filters

    • Delaying Bluffs on Disadvantage Flops and Turns

    • Taking Good Notes